Cold Weather Rules

December 1 – January 31: Sandy Run Park is closed; no rowing.

February 1 – March 31: Members may take out 2x, 4x or 4- shells only. NO CLUB SINGLES may be taken out during this period, even in unseasonably warm weather conditions.

NVRPA Cold Weather Restrictions: "When air temperature is below 40 degrees and/or water temperature below 50 degrees, [...] Adult clubs and individuals not accompanied by a launch must row in pairs and be within 35 meters of one another." (Sandy Run Regional Park And Bull Run Marina Operating Procedures) Alternatively, you may go out accompanied by a launch that remains within 35 meters of your shell.

Lightning and Storm Rules

At the first sound of thunder, you must return to Sandy Run docks. If the storm is upon you, take your shell ashore and wait for the storm to pass.

If the lightning detector goes off (one long blast), you may not row until the “all clear” is given (3 five-second blasts). If you are on the water, return as quickly as possible to Sandy Run docks. See the Sandy Run Park rules for complete information on the Lightning Prediction System and procedures.

High Wind Recommendations

The Occoquan Reservoir is relatively sheltered, but it is not uncommon for high winds to sweep the waters. Rowers should know their limitations when dealing with windy conditions and make an informed judgment call on whether to row.

Avoid straightaways (the race course, the straight between Ryan’s Dam and Fountainhead) in windy conditions. The longer the straight, the higher the waves.

If wind conditions are marginal, consider rowing in more protected areas such as the cove (Sandy Run itself) or in the lee of the shore close to Sandy Run.

Please read more detailed information in On-the-Water Safety: Know Before You Row.

Sandy Run Park has a colored flag system to warn rowers of high winds. The flags are changed only at the park ranger’s discretion. The flag you see may not be current on the day or at the time you row. See the NVRPA website for a full description of these flags.