Signing out and returning shells

Sign out club and privately owned boats and oars in the OBC log book and be sure to log back in on your return. Privately owned shells should also be signed out in the private log book to allow the Park Authority to monitor rack usage. The OBC log book allows others to see if a rower is out much longer than expected, and it lets people know when to lock the boathouse. In addition, the record allows the OBC board to monitor equipment use, which helps guide equipment purchases.

Rinse and wipe shells after each use.

If you are sure you are the last person from the boathouse on the water, return all shells on racks to the bay and lock up.

Rigging Shells

Other than footstretchers, tracks, and oarlock spacers, do not adjust the rigging on the shells.

Also, do not adjust the rigging on the oars.

Restrictions on use

OBC shells are for the use of OBC members only. Guests of an OBC member may row in the same boat with the hosting member. Guests who want to use an OBC 1x must have permission of a board member. Members with less than one year’s sculling experience should not take guests on outings. A local guest rowing more than twice a season should become a member.

Anyone under 18 years of age may not use OBC equipment unless accompanied by an experienced member 20 years of age or older.

Do not use other individuals’ or clubs’ equipment without permission: unauthorized use of any equipment at Sandy Run may result in expulsion from the Park.

Our newer, more fragile shells are restricted to experienced rowers. If you would like to row one of these shells, you must be an experienced rower and have approval from the OBC board.

When the reservoir has a lot of debris, use good judgment deciding whether to launch.