The Occoquan Reservoir is usually calm and protected, but like any body of water it is subject to storms, high winds, and cold weather. In addition, it receives a lot of use from fishermen, kayakers, canoeists, and crews from other clubs. Always look out for fishing boats, kayaks and canoes. Do not expect fishermen or paddlers to call out warnings even when collisions are imminent.

Occoquan Reservoir Water Surface Elevation

OBC rowers are responsible for their personal safety, as well as for following guidelines that keep others safe. OBC members should be familiar with navigation patterns, potential hazards, and rules related to storms, wind, and cold weather. The OBC handbook and this site’s Safety Resources provide a collection of educational materials related to safety, and the club encourages members to read them and become familiar with their information and guidelines.

Sandy Run Park rules may be found in the Rules and Procedures document on their home page. All rowers and coaches using the Sandy Run rowing facility must follow these rules.

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