Joining OBC

OBC Membership is open to all rowers who are 18 years or older. We welcome both recreational and competitive rowers. Please read below about our four types of membership to determine which is the best type for you. In order to join OBC for the first time, or to renew your annual membership, please register at Regatta Central.

All new members must attend a new member orientation session before they are permitted to use Club equipment. These sessions are given by the OBC Vice-President for Membership or other OBC board members who volunteer their time to see that our new members have the requisite rowing competency, are able to properly care for our equipment, and understand OBC’s policies and procedures.

To inquire about joining, contact OBC. In your email, please introduce yourself and describe your rowing/sculling experience.

Because the Club does not offer supervised programs, members must be experienced rowers who can handle intermediate-level boats and navigate without assistance.

Prospective members who are new to sculling have a number of options for finding instruction:

Occasionally summer rowing camps are offered by OBC out of Sandy Run.

Sandy Run Scullers 

The Washington Rowing School offers lessons on the Anacostia River.

Out-of-town rowing schools offer weekend and week-long sessions. Possibilities include Calm Waters Rowing in Lancaster, Virginia, and Craftsbury Sculling Center in Vermont.

See our Links section for more suggestions.

Four types of membership types are offered:

1. New Individual Membership

Any prospective member may join under this membership. The cost is $275.00. This includes one year of membership in the Club with liability protection and a one-time $100 initiation fee. Club memberships are generally based on the calendar year and there is no pro-rating for joining part way through the year. New individual members registering after August 31, however, shall be granted membership for the remainder of that year and the full following calendar year. A new member joining after August 31 will not be eligible to vote in the next annual club elections.

As a new member you will be given an orientation to Club equipment at the boathouse and asked to pass a competency test before being allowed to use OBC boats and oars. If you do not pass the competency test, you may choose to take lessons elsewhere to improve your skills (see our links page for suggestions). You will be asked to repeat the competency test after showing proof of having had additional instruction. If you take instruction, still cannot pass the test, and decide not to continue pursuing OBC membership, you will receive a refund minus a $25 administrative fee, and you will not receive membership in the Club.

2. Current Individual Membership

If you have already been a member of OBC, have proven in the past that you are a competent rower, and have paid the initiation fee, you may renew your membership for $175 per year. Current members may take a leave of absence from the Club (that is, not renew) for up to two years and may thereafter rejoin at the renewal rate. Members who do not renew within two years must re-register as a new member and complete the new-member orientation.

3. Student Membership

Current students who are 18 years old or older are permitted to join OBC at the rate of $175.00 per year. These individuals must be full-time students during the regular school year. Students are not required to pay the $100 initiation fee, however, they must attend an orientation and demonstrate sculling competency.

4. Children-of-Members

A child of a current Individual Member is allowed to join OBC for $50 per year. Children must be 22 years old or younger, and full-time students. If they are under 18, children-of-members must row either in the same boat with a parent who is an OBC member or with a coach who is 20 years old or older. They may also row with a launch operated by a parent who is an OBC member or by a coach who is 20 years old or older.