Restricted Shells

New to OBC Restricted 1x shells

In July 2020, to help meet the increased demand for 1x shells, OBC acquired two previously owned Hudson shells in great condition.

As these shells are lighter construction than the Peinerts, they can more readily be damaged.

These shells are restricted to use by intermediate and advanced scullers who are also familiar with the Occoquan River. (See General Rules below.)

How do I know if I am approved for rowing a restricted 1x?

  • The list of members authorized to use the restricted shells is available in the MembersMaterials folder

  • The list is also posted on the bulletin board above the Logbook just inside the boathouse entrance.

  • If you wish to be added to the list please contact the OBC President or the OBC Commodore to discuss.

General Rules for Restricted 1x Shells

  • Do not row a restricted boat when there is heavy debris in the river.

  • Skill level - you must be an intermediate or advanced sculler AND be knowledgeable of the Occoquan River layout and its underwater hazards (typical types of debris we see) and surface hazards (be used to avoiding fishermen, kayakers, etc).

How do I know if there is heavy debris?

  • See a few example images below of very heavy (quantity) debris.

  • Even if the river looks passable , after rain be alert for logs and heavy (mass) objects floating in the river.

  • Check the OBC Facebook and Instagram sites to see if earlier rowers have reported in on conditions of